Partner Organizations

Craft for Community partners with the Nicaraguan Initiative for Community Advancement (NICA) and the El Tránsito Arts Center.  Both are established nonprofits that have been successfully running projects and empowering the community for over 13 years. The program fee with CFC includes a generous donation to these organizations and your project will have direct and positive impact.  For more information on NICA and ETCA please visit their websites listed below.  

Below is a list of sample projects, we listen to the community in order to support them with projects that are most meaningful and empowering. Once enrolled in a program, guests will receive a detailed e-mail about their project at least two weeks before departure.


Schools in Nicaragua are in need of volunteers to help with a multitude of items.  CFC can partner you and your group with a neighborhood school to interact with students in a variety of ways.  Below is a list of possible activities:

  • Help with meals: prepare and serve food, sit with and speak with students

  • Teach English workshops at the El Tránsito Art Center or the New El Tránsito Community Center

  • Help with on site school gardens

  • Volunteer to help out in a classroom

Town Beautification 

The town of El Tránsito sits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and has a plethora of volcanic rock formations that line the coast.  Although the town of El Tránsito is beautiful it benefits from daily garbage clean up from the local NICA participants and our volunteers.  There are many opportunities to participate in town beautification from simply picking up beach trash to creating a mural.  Below are some specific activities in which you can participate.

  • Paint a mural at a school or in the town

  • Help build a house for the recipient of NICA materials

  • Beach and town clean up with NICA workers

Sea Turtles, Trees and Ecology 

Nicaragua has suffered deforestation at rates higher than those of other neighboring countries and is currently promoting a campaign to reforest the nation. The planting of trees helps with erosion along the coast and creates better farming land for agriculture. Along with the soon to be built El Tránsito Sea Turtle Sanctuary, located just a ten minute walk from Craft for Community, there are ample opportunities to get involved in environmental projects.

  • Planting of trees in the nearby forest reserve, located 6 kilometers from CFC

  • Building and maintaining the El Tránsito Sea Turtle Sanctuary

  • Night hikes on beaches to look for turtle nests (we take the eggs back to the sanctuary until they are ready to hatch).

  • Environmental education projects with local children and community members

Up-cycling, Art and Crafts

El Transito is lucky to be home to the El Tránsito Arts Center.  A non profit organization whose mission is to teach, empower and encourage the community of El Tránsito through arts, crafts and other creative expression. ETCA is committed to helping improve lives while encouraging self-sustainability. They complete our mission by producing fashionable goods and providing services desired by the global and local community. CFC can partner you with a local artisan, group of women or children who are eager to gain further skills within the arts.  

  • Create projects out of discarded objects and trash to create functional or artistic pieces

  • Teach your artform to a group of local children and or women

  • Partner with the women of ETCA on sewing projects

  • Create a mural at a local school or in the town

Create Your Own Project 

All students and guests bring their own expertise or bank of knowledge to Craft for Community. Therefore, we are happy to work with you to come up with a project that best allows you to share your “craft.” Whether you are a musician who wants to bring used instruments down to teach lessons to children after school, or a member/coach of a sports team that wants to bring equipment and play games with local teams, we are thrilled to work with you to develop a project that is meaningful for both parties. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your idea and we will work hard to make it a reality.

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