Craft for Community was intentionally designed to welcome groups that desire meaningful cultural experiences. The Craft for Community staff will work closely with your group leader to design a trip for your group that meets the needs and desires of the group. Groups can enroll in Spanish classes with accompanying community projects, where they will have ample time to practice their improving Spanish or may choose to work with local children doing community beautification projects. Craft for Community realizes that each group brings its unique “craft” to the community and works as a facilitator between the group and the community to provide a meaningful experience for all.

Jared Acker Teaching

Types of Groups

  • School groups

  • Spanish clubs

  • Religious groups

  • Families/Friends

  • Sports teams

  • Corporate and groups/retreats

  • Vacation retreats 

  • Special activity groups (yoga, surfing, meditation)

  • Special events (weddings, family reunions,etc.)


If you have an idea for a group, please do not hesitate to contact us!


As part of the program fee, Craft for Community takes care of all of the following:


  • Healthy, local-style Nicaraguan breakfast every day

  • Community-style, healthy, local dinners prepared by amazing local chefs

  • All in-country transportation using a safe, reliable fleet of vehicles

  • First-class health and medical coverage for all participants

  • Pre-trip orientation and question/answer session

  • Volunteer project coordination and pre-departure guide.

  • Spanish lessons and/or community project placement and support

  • WIFI

  • Housekeeping to clean rooms daily

We Handle the Logistics