Support In Nicaragua

Traveling to a foreign country with a different language can be a new experience for many travelers and students. That is why Craft for Community works extremely hard to make sure guests always feel supported during their trip.


From the moment you step outside of the international airport, Craft for Community staff will ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We have it all covered:


The program

  • Check-in meetings with each guest in the first 48 hours

  • Ability to adapt/change project immediately if there is an issue

  • Translators offered for every project and every group activity



  • All group participants are insured through HCC Medical Insurance Services. This includes medical evacuation, hospital stay, etc.

  • Craft for Community has doctors on call that make house calls.

  • 24/7 ability to Skype with doctors located in the United States

  • Craft for Community has two safe, reliable vehicles on hand at all time should the need arise to travel to Managua.

  • All staff are trained in wilderness first responder, CPR-first aid and AED administration.


For the Families of Guests

It’s not easy putting your son or daughter on a plane bound for a foreign country, and as parents we realize this. Therefore, Craft for Community has taken additional steps to ease the minds of parents, spouses, siblings, and friends should they need to get in contact with a participant during their week or two abroad.


Should someone need to get in contact with a participant, we offer an emergency contact line that rings directly to the Craft for Community lodge or to a staff member that is in the field with the participants. The phone will ring 24/7, and works with our generator should the power go out. The best part about the emergency contact line is it is a local North American number that can be dialed from any North American cell phone. We respectfully ask that this number is only called in emergencies.


The contact number and additional information for families is sent to the program participant in their orientation packet before their departure.