Sample Itinerary 


4pm : All guests are transported to Craft for Community from the international airport in Managua (90 mins)

6pm:  Welcome Dinner, introductions, property tour



8 -9am  :   Breakfast

9 -11am:   Walking tour of El Transito, meet project managers, community members

11- 1pm:   Beginner/Intermediate Surf Lessons

1 - 2pm :   Lunch in the community*

2 - 5pm :   Surf lesson and swimming

*Students and guests are encouraged to patronize the local restaurants in the village to practice their Spanish, meet community members, and support the local community. A list of recommended restaurants/cafes will be provided to all students.

*Generally, students work on community projects Monday-Friday


7 - 8am   : Breakfast at Craft for Community

8 -10am  :  Spanish classes at Craft for Community 

10 -12am:  Spanish immersion project work

12 - 1pm :  Lunch in the community

1 - 2 pm  : surf lesson 

2-  5pm   :  Mural painting 

6pm        : Dinner at Craft for Community


Optional excursion to León for volcano hiking / boarding and exploring markets and shops. León is only 45 minutes from Craft for Community.


Students/guests depart.


Special activities

The week at Craft for Community is always filled with nightly optional experiences that students and guests may wish to participate in, including:

  • Movie night

  • Attending the local village baseball game

  • Sunset fishing tours

  • Sunset hikes

  • Tide pool tour

  • Sunset surfing

  • Local guest speakers (with translator if desired)