Before You Go

El Transito, Nicaragua is located in a very small, rural fishing village on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  Although it is very beautiful and safe, there are several things you should be aware of and prepared for before you come to Craft for Community.  Please read this list in full before you book your trip with us in order to have a greater understanding of where you are going and how to be prepared once you are here.  

1.  Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere behind Haiti.  

2.  Nicaragua is the second safest country in Latin America behind Chile.

3.  El Transito, Nicaragua is a very rural fishing village on the Pacific Ocean with a very small town center.  

4.  There is no ATM in town and most places only take cash, dollars or cordobas. 

5.  There is a very basic local health clinic in town which is open Monday - Friday. 

6.  The private hospital, Vivian Pallas is 1.5 hour drive from Craft for Community. 

7.  The average person in Nicaragua lives on $1/day and makes $2400/year. 

8.  Septic systems and plumbing in Nicaragua are basic and you may not flush toilet paper or anything else.

9.  Food in Nicaragua is a simple mix of rice and beans with a choice of protein (fish, chicken, beef or pork), and comes       with a side of salad, plantains or other in season vegetables. 

10.  Electricity in Nicaragua is very expensive. Please conserve your usage.

11.  Craft for Community is in one of the driest parts of Nicaragua and water is scarce.  Please conserve water as much         as possible.

12.  Electricity is not reliable and does go out from time to time.

13.  The ocean can be dangerous. It is important to know your swimming capability and always swim with others. 

14.  Craft for Community is a 30 minute walk to the village along the beach.

15.  Craft for Community is a 20 minute drive to the village down a very rocky 4-wheel drive road. 

16.  Craft for Community has a newly built but basic lodge with gorgeous views of the ocean.  We work to provide a                comfortable environment while also being authentic to our Nicaraguan surroundings. 

17. There are many beach dogs, they are not accustomed people. Please do not try to pet them.

18.  The average temperature is 75 - 95 F with the hottest months being April and May. 

19.  Although Nicaragua is safe you still need to be aware of your surroundings and not leave valuables out. Do                     not travel with expensive electronics or jewelry. 

20. Nicaragua will challenge you and allow you to experience the everyday lives of people here.  Please come with an          open mind.  

**Craft for Community is not a luxury resort. We provide an authentic vacation experience for people who want to travel with purpose and be immersed in the community and culture of Nicaragua.