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Responsible Travel that Empowers Communities

Craft for Community invites individuals and groups to experience Nicaragua through authentic projects that interact with our community. We aim to empower our community through projects that share visitors' interests in order to empower our neighbors with the growing skills and abilities to be successful in their daily lives.

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Travel should be sustainable, meaningful, and FUN! Craft for Community facilitates meaningful trips for individuals and groups to experience village life in Nicaragua while making a lasting impact for change by interacting with community members in empowering ways. We handle every planning aspect of each trip and support each group and individual every moment of the way.



Craft for Community offers participants an authentic experience where travel becomes more than just a vacation. Through our unique projects and community partnerships, participants have the opportunity to engage with the community and environment to broaden their understanding of the Nicaraguan culture. All the while, guests stay at our comfortable, newly-built, Western-style beach lodge which assures comfort and relaxation in paradise.


Craft for Community is a project-based volunteer center, language school, arts exchange, and retreat lodge located on the beach in El Transito, Nicaragua. We offer individuals or groups a unique experience while immersing themselves in a project in the local community. We offer guests the opportunity to experience Nicaragua in its most authentic form while interacting with members of our community. We work closely with you to create a fun, safe, meaningful experience that meets your needs and those of our neighbors.

Commitment to the Community

Since 2016, when Craft for Community broke ground in El Tránsito, the organization has stayed true to the commitment of supporting the community by using only local employees. All twelve of the staff who built the lodge were born less than a mile from the property and chances are, guests will meet them in town during their stay. All current staff were born and raised in the village of El Tránsito.

The first staff hired were Emir and Fran (see Our Team) page, who started off with Craft for Community as a caretaker and nanny. Since then, they have shown an amazing work ethic and now help to manage both the property and the logistics of the organization.

Craft for Community does not employ foreign volunteers and reserves all employment to people from the village. All furniture, upholstery, construction projects, hammocks, and uniforms were handmade by citizens of El Tránsito.

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